Billing FAQ

  • How can I pay my bill?
    NACS accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, money orders, and personal checks. Credit and debit card payments are accepted over the phone at no charge or payments can be mailed to:
    Northwest Acute Care Specialists
    PO Box 35145 #4979
    Seattle, WA 98124-5145
  • I was in the hospital several weeks ago, why haven't I received a bill?
    It takes time for a claim to be prepared and sent to the insurance company. Depending on how quickly the insurance company processes the bill, it may take 3 to 12 weeks for you to receive a statement.
  • I already paid the hospital, why am I getting another bill?
    Any payments made to the hospital are applied only to the facility billing. The hospital cannot and does not accept payments for the physician's group.
  • I am unable to make the full payment. Can I set up a payment plan?
    Yes. If you would like to set up a payment plan, please contact customer service at the appropriate number on the sidebar.
  • What if I cannot pay or I do not have Insurance?
    If you need help paying your bill, you may qualify for financial assistance. To determine if you qualify for financial assistance, please contact the facility at which you were seen or call the customer service number listed on your billing statement.
  • I received a statement but my insurance has not paid. What do I do?
    While each insurance company is different, we generally expect full payment from your insurance company within 60 days of billing. If your insurance company does not pay the bill within 60 days, we may send you a notification of their non-payment and request that you contact them to send the payment.
  • I have two insurances. Will you bill both?
    Yes. After your primary insurance pays your claim, we will bill your secondary.
  • Why did my billing statement have an adjustment amount?
    If your statement has an adjustment this means that the physician is contracted with your insurance and has agreed to accept a discounted rate. Contracted insurances determine the amount due from the patient.
  • I was injured at work or in an auto accident. Why am I receiving a bill?
    We have received insufficient information regarding your insurance coverage. Please contact us at the appropriate number on the sidebar and provide the correct information.

Billing Contact Information