The commitments outlined below are non-negotiable. This program requires a significant commitment of time and energy, but no more so than a medical school or residency program. If medicine is your path, the Scribe Program will prepare you to excel in your future endeavors.

Time Commitment

We are looking for applicants that can give a two-year, part-time commitment. Our scribes work a maximum of 1000 hours per year which equates to about 10-12 shifts per month. However, there may be months when you will be asked to work additional hours. While the 1000 hour limit may be restrictive, it does allow us to give some time off for family events or volunteer opportunities as long as we are able to cover all of our shifts.  We currently  hire year round depending on staffing requirements. Scribes must have open schedules that will allow them to be scheduled for a minimum of 12 shifts per month for 2 consecutive years. Consideration may be given to those currently applying who could be accepted and may not be able to complete the two year requirement. 


Due to the nature of the ER, shift times vary widely. We staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. As such, we can work around each scribe's school schedule and will never schedule scribes to work during class. Likewise, we expect each scribe to be very flexible. All scribes are expected to work some days, some nights, some weekends, and some holidays. We will take into consideration volunteer commitments, sports and religious requests, but in the end, we need to cover our shifts and may have to ask you to be extra flexible at times.

Shift Times

Shift times are 6-10 hours long, depending on the shift. During a single shift, the scribe will likely work with only one doctor. Scribes are typically scheduled to work with a different doctor on each shift throughout the month.

Location Commitment

Applicants must commit to work at all of the hospitals listed below. Individual scribe preferences will be considered, but the decision to assign scribes among the hospitals ultimately lies with the Scribe scheduler. A car is necessary to make sure you can get to your shifts on time.